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My Nitid Notebook
"NO" is the right answer....
Today, the fate of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland will be changed forever. Scotland will hold a referendum on independence; and the momentum is firmly with the pro-independence ‘Yes’ camp led by Alex Salmond. Sitting here in Mumbai, thousands of miles away, and having never even seen that country, I still hope that Scotland remains within the UK. For me, a half Tamil, half Bengali and full Indian, living in a land where a hundred nations coexist and a thousand cultures flourish, the Scottish demand for independence seems to be singularly selfish and short-sighted. Are the Scots trying to break free to protect their identity? Are they trying to unshackle themselves from economic slavery? The answer on both counts seems to be overwhelmingly negative. Scotland has its own identity within the United Kingdom. That identity has, if anything, been flourishing over the past few decades. Any decently aware person knows that Scotland... (more)

My dear audience: How long has it been? Too long. Way too long since I was in touch. I wonder how you're doing and what has been happening with you and everything. On this side of the cyber-space fence... there are changes both good and not-so-good; I am trying to balance things or find the right balance and handle things so that we don't fall off into the deep end - metaphoric speak. I am terribly 'alone' when ever I cannot write - no matter the reason and I miss you so solidly it's a wonder I don't fall off the edge of the universe! It feels like it actually and I just hope there will be better times ahead. Don't worry too much if my letters are sparce at the moment. Please know you are (really are) in my thoughts.... Love from me xx

The Common Ills
Iraqi military continues to defy the prime minister's order?
Iraqi military continues to defy the prime minister's order? Violence continues today in Iraq with multiple examples including the 6 corpses discovered dumped in the streets of Tuz Khurmato. And the residential neighborhoods of Falluja continue to be bombed daily. NINA notes that today's bombings left 4 civilians dead and twenty more (including two children) injured. Those are the bombings that new Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi ordered stopped on Saturday. They didn't stop. Not even for a day. The point we've been making is that the press (and the US Congress) needs to determine did al-Abadi lie about giving an order (which would reflect poorly on him as the new leader, lying out of the gate) or was his order ignored? If his order was ignored, this is very serious because the Iraqi military has refused a direct order from the prime minister meaning it is no longer under civilian control -- meaning the US doesn't need to be training... (more)

thy will be done
THY WILL BE DONE Erle Frayne Argonza / Ra Whenever the day starts I knock Upon the doors of Life to request extensions Of my lease to exist. Not that I Will be merry forever notwithstanding fears Tensions and anxieties that arise In my here-and-now; I’m simply unsure Of what may be up for me. Well, Life Responded as always—cheerful, lighthearted, Contagiously optimistic. I’d catch its air Of glittering hope, daunting spirit, Its elan of all elan. The I’d say too, “Life, please do share unto others what you’re Offered to me.” “Thy will be done” said Life. Thy will be done. Done will be Hope’s cremation of every unwanted carcass Of Obscurity: faith in self regained. [Writ. 21 October 1988, Proj. 8, Quezon City, M.Manila] REFLECTION Hopelessness, alienation, despair are the common affective theme of the day. Such a hopelessness, saps one’s own will-to-ascend, lead to further... (more)


あなたのプロムの夜のために準備されていますか?服を選択すると、あなたのプロムのために準備取得する理想的な部分である。あなたは、つまりあなたがあなたのために非の打ち所のない服を検出するために、彼らが売り切れる前に有名なデザインの最有力候補、と多くの時間を持っているかもしれないので、早く探し始めることを確認してください。... (more)

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