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Frosted Blog
My Little Ponies /
Monster High

OH BOY! Brushable Bon Bon. I will buy the crap out of this. At the very least, I need three. One to keep stock-ish, one to reroot and remove the extra bows from and one to maybe become Roseluck. Then I will have a perfect Bon Bon to go along with my Lyra so I can make them kiss Holly Dash, I just noticed, would need a reroot if I want to have one Rainbow Power and one like in the show. I need to figure out why my most recent reroots have ended up with wonky necks. I used to be able to do it perfectly, now, sometimes, it messes up. There seem to be two sets of Rainbow Power (sometimes Rainbow-fied) and then Rainbow Rocks . The first set of RP were crap with normal toy and lame tinsel streaks. Then, there's the ones with rainbow hair and extra markings going up their legs. See how Dash has multicolored thunder bolts? THEN, the Rainbow Power ones that have the cutiemark all over the leg and a version of their cutiemark painted around their eye. (Twilight makes me think of KISS....)... (more)

Acting Wednesday-i

Good evening on your side of the world. Wednesday morning here, while you relax in evening-mode on your side of the computer. Thank you for being here; it's always great to see you. Kindness, affection; they are my inner feelings when it comes to how I like responding when ever the colour of the light is green (green for GO) and hearts seem to wing their way back regardless of any ill feeling generated by the fact that we don't have whatever it was we wanted on an immediate basis once we'd discovered one another. <P><P> Ho! I've changed the script somewhat - but the message is basically the same, with a few additions. I am sure that most of the ill feeling generated has been caused by sheer frustration - it's not every day of the week you find someone you have an ability to share so much life with or whatever it is: because whatever it is, there is (or was) an abundance of it; and you just don't find it everywhere... it's such a rarity.... and, we both know it... (more)

Journey Through
Not sure if I am the best one to be talking about strength right now, but.... here I am talking about it. I can be a strong person in a lot of things but lately I am coming to realize that I am not as strong as I thought. I have been thinking about things going on, and things that have went on and it hurts a lot. I thought that sheer brute strength and willpower would see me through but I was far off. I can't do this alone, and I shouldn't have to. I need to harness strength where ever I can. I now know that strength isn't about will, how strong you are physically, or any of that, it is about support. So here I am giving you strength as I find mine.

It hurts far more than I let on or than I even admit but still I continue on with it.

Blue Collar Blues
I don't get... some people are not being held accountable for their time or actions, or lack thereof, while other people can't seem to catch a break or get appreciation for a job well done.

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